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What does it mean to be “Penny Poked”?
Penny pokes are micro charges sent via Venmo as an attention grab to either say “hello” to a stranger or show gratitude to friends!

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Hey there, I’m Briana.

I reached out because I’m genuinely interested in working with you. So let me tell you a little about myself…
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I’m always a little nervous about listing this right off the bat, but I figure it’s better to be upfront… well, maybe I’m just always upfront - for better or worse.

You may have noticed I don’t have a college degree. That’s because at the ripe old age of 18, I wanted to be a photographer (hence, my resume) and didn’t think it was worth going into debt over a creative field. Instead, I worked my a** off in the industry until I felt like I had enough knowledge under my belt to branch out and start my own freelance photography business.

You’ll find no thinking in a box here.
I never had one in the first place.



What else do you think brought you to this page?

I know that in the scheme of things, I’m still young and I seem to like to apply for competitive jobs and positions. It’s in everyone’s best interest that I get a little wild and prove my innovation to get. it. done. I’m motivated and willing to take chances.

As soon as I was 18 years old, I began working for and with startups. These companies and lifestyle built the platform of my mindset. With enough ingenuity, I can do anything. *cue stereotypical millennial ‘participation award’ bow here*



You know what you probably won’t find on my LinkedIn profile or resume? That I’m an outdoor adventure junkie.

I really do go backpacking every week. Sprinkle in some car camping and mountain biking throughout the course of the month. Maybe an evening hike any weekday I can squeeze that in. I’ve been skydiving, scuba diving, paragliding (and sailing), climbing, and have gotten lost all across the globe. I’ve even driven in South East Asia (yes, that is an adventure all on its own).

Working well under pressure and through tense situations are not out of my comfort zone.


Briana, this website is related mostly to photography. What am I doing here?

You’re right, but I’m not really looking to start paying for another website to host this page… at least not right now. Maybe in the future where I am more inclined to spend money like that!
Despite all the photography related info, hopefully you can read into who I am and know that I’d love to work with you!